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Sunshine State Book Festival

Preparing for Registration

Register Today!

Author videos do not need to be finished before registering.

Register early—Number of booths is limited.

Registration closes December 15, 2020, or sooner if limit is reached.



The registration fee for the 2021 festival has been waived.


Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Sunshine State Book Festival. On this page, you will find a list of the information you need to have before you can register. The author video is not needed for registration.

Authors writing in all genres are invited to join us for a unique book festival. To participate in the 2021 Sunshine State Book Festival, complete the registration application, and within 4 weeks, supply an author video of acceptable quality. See Video Instructions page for details.

Features of the Festival

We hope to give visitors an experience of strolling down a virtual aisle of authors’ booths, where they can stop, peruse your offerings, and buy. There will be separate areas of the festival for adult’s and children’s books.

Each participating author will have an individual booth, labeled with the name under which the author publishes. The booth will feature the author’s video, a brief biography, a link to the author’s website, and the front covers of up to nine of the author’s books that are for sale on Amazon. See picture on the right or visit the Preview Page.

On the main adult and children’s pages, booths will be grouped by genre. Additional pages will organize individual book covers by genre, author, and title to accommodate authors who write in multiple genres.

WAG earns a small commission on books purchased from Amazon through the festival website. This commission does not reduce the amount authors receive from Amazon.


Example showing 2 booths

sample booth

Click image to enlarge



Gather information needed to register

Step 1

Create and save a Word document

The Festival needs you to provide us complete and accurate information about books for your booth. Start by gathering everything we need in one document.

Open a blank Word document and save it under the author name you publish under. For example, Jane Doe publishes under the name Jon Dragon, so she names the file: jondragon.doc or jondragon.docx. Hint: note the folder location where you saved it.

Add Author Bio

Locate your Author Bio, copy it and paste it into the top of the new document. Look in the lower left corner of Word. It will show the word count. If your bio exceeds 75 words, edit, massage, and tweak it until it is 75 or less. Do not include your website. You will enter your URL in a registration field and it will automatically be placed after your bio.

Step 2

Collect the URLs to build your bookshelf

Keep your Word document open and start your web browser. Go to Amazon.com.

In this step you are going to alternate between Word and Amazon, so resize both windows where switching between them will be easy.

The directions may look complicated, but if you follow them exactly, you will have no trouble registering. If you fail to follow these steps, books could end up missing from your booth.

Find book on Amazon

Switch to the Amazon web page and find your book. You want to be on the actual book page, not the list of possible matches. If your book has both Kindle and Paperback editions, click on the paperback version because visitors can’t see the back cover of your book on the Kindle page.

Copy address bar

Locate the address bar at the top of your web browser and position your cursor over it. On a Windows computer, right-click your mouse and select “copy” from a dropdown list. If you have an Apple computer without a right-mouse button, or with a track pad, holding the CTRL key and clicking should do the same thing.

Paste into Word

Having copied the address, switch back to Word and paste it on a blank line below your bio. If you copied it correctly, what you paste is going to look something like this:

The URL may look like gibberish, but don’t edit it in any way, just press the enter key to insert a blank line. Repeat the above procedure for your next title, leaving a blank line between each new title. Your booth can have up to 9 titles.

When you have entered all your books, save the document. You’re going to need to find it again during registration.

What if I have a forthcoming book that’s not on sale yet?

If you know the book will be available on Amazon no later than January 15, 2021, type the title and press enter, then on the line where you would normally paste the URL type the full ISBN number, the word “Forthcoming,” and the date of publication. Example:

Ragtime Dudes at the World’s Fair
ISBN: 978-0-9895104-0-0 FORTHCOMING January 10, 2021

What if I have more than 9 published books?

Congratulations on being so prolific. The booth template can only accommodate 9 titles, but remember your website URL is going to appear next to your bio. So the solution is simple: in the last few words of your bio, mention that visitors can find additional titles on your website.


Step 3

Almost done

During registration you’re going to upload the word document you just created and your author photo.

Author Photo

A headshot portrait works best. Locate the photo you want to use. The type of file must be a jpg (the file extension is .jpg)
Maximum file size is 1 megabyte

Rename it or make a copy and rename the copy.
The file name must include the name appearing on your book covers.

As in previous examples, Jane Doe publishes under the name Jon Dragon. Her author photo must be named: jon_dragon.jpg or jondragon.jpg.

Ready to Register

Once you have your Word document completed and have renamed your photo, you are ready to proceed. You do not need your video to register. You have 4 weeks from the date you submit your application to get us the video. Video transfer instructions will be sent upon receipt of your application.


Step 4


Go to Registration Form