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Sunshine State Book Festival

Festival Author Registration Application

Before You Begin

Locate the following files on your computer and make sure they have been properly named.

• Word document containing author bio and list of the URLs of your books prepared in step 2.

• Author photo in jpg format, correctly renamed, & not exceeding 1 megabyte.

Author videos do not need to be finished before registering.


Subject to edit

We reserve the right to crop or resize author photos. Author bios will be edited for grammar, punctuation, and to standarize style.


This page contains the festival application form. Helpful instructions are provided in sidebars next to the form.

Before you register, take a moment to read the Terms of Participation below. By registering you agree to abide by them.

Terms of Exhibitor Participation

Writers Alliance of Gainesville, Inc., a non-profit organization herein referred to as WAG, presents the 2021 Sunshine State Book Festival as a venue for readers to view author videos and buy their books.

All participating authors agree to provide a video file that meets the Technical Specifications and Quality Assurance requirements described on the Information for Authors page.

Participant agrees that WAG and the Sunshine State Book Festival have no financial responsibility for any costs incurred producing the supplied video.

Participant agrees not to use author videos to advertise or sell non-book related products.

Participant grants WAG and the Sunshine State Book Festival non-exclusive rights to use the supplied video on the festival website, SSBF YouTube channels, and for festival promotion in other media. Participant affirms that he/she has the authority to grant such permissions and agrees to indemnify, and hold harmless WAG and the Sunshine State Book Festival for any claims regarding the content of supplied video.



Number of booths is limited. Registration closes December 15, 2020 or sooner if limit is reached.



The registration fee for the 2021 festival has been waived.



Do not use this form to upload videos. Instructions will be sent upon receipt of your application.


Name Fields

Enter names in both sets of name fields. If you don’t use a pen name, enter your name twice.


Upload buttons

Upload Word doc & photo

Clicking an “Upload” button opens a file explorer window. Navigate to the location where you saved the Word document, click on it and then click the button labeled “Open.” Do the same to upload the author photo.


Enter book titles

Type the title of a book, omitting subtitles. Click the Genre field and select a genre from the dropdown list. If your exact genre isn’t listed, choose the closest match.

Do not paste Amazon links for your books in the title slots. Links belong in your Word document.


The genre of the book in the first title slot determines the genre location of your booth.



Additional books

If you have more than 1 published book, you can up to 9 titles. After you enter the title and genre for Book 1, click the button “+Add Book” and another pair of Book fields will be added.

Note: book covers in your booth will display in the order that titles are entered on the application (1-9.) Each title can be a different genre.


Multiple Genre

If you write several genres, don't worry. A separate page of the Festival site will organize book covers by genre, by author.

However, the booth containing the author’s video is assigned based on the genre of the book title in slot #1.


Negligible Genres

Note: A genre with too few books may be grouped with similar genres at our discretion.