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Religious Fiction

When You Least Expect It More Than You Know Love Lifted Me

Literary Fiction

The Friends of Allan Renner Among The Blue Horses Regarding Mr. Bulkington Coloured and Other Stories An Unlikely Goddess The Dreamtime Dooms of Love Belford Stories The Ice House Heart of Palm Best American Short Stories 2015


Pumping Sunshine: A Memoir of My Rural Childhood C. G. and Ethel: A Family History Riding Soul-O Skating on Skim Ice How I Met My Other: True Stories, True Love How I Met My Other: Furry Friends, True Tails The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You Finding Gobi My Unveiled Face Book 1 My Unveiled Face Book 2 My Unveiled Face Book 3 Sunsets and Buzzards Almost Ticked Off Chosen A LADY'S JOURNEY FROM CALLED,TO,CRUSHED,TO CROWNED From Dunes to Dior Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul Children of Dreams Natural Writer: A Story about Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings All the Shah's Horses All the Shah's Men Dear Oprah: How I Beat Cancer and Learned to Love Daytime TV Sounding the Depths: Memories with Music Letters From Camp 100 Days in the Ghan

Non-Fiction (all other)

Write Your Memoir: One Story at a Time Mushroom A Global History A Hastiness of Cooks Wisdom Soaked in Palm Oil Meatballs & Lefse Brand Yourself Royally The Personal Wellness Principles: Simple Steps to Create a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Life Care Giving: Real Life Answers The 'Other' Shangri-La Journeys with the caterpillar Angels by the Murky River Sacred Love: Erotic Arts in the temples of Nepal The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea Race Against Time An Everglades Providence The Wilder Heart of Florida Paradise Lost? Making Waves The Civil Rights Movement SIX CAPSULES PRAIRIE DEFENDER THE LAST MURDER ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S MOST FAMOUS CASE THE LINDBERGH KIDNAPPING CASE CROSS EXAMINATION HANDBOOK PROSECUTION PRINCIPLES THE CASE AGAINST CHRIST THE ANNOTATED CHANCELLOR CHESS American and German Children's Perceptions of War and Peace How to train a Superhero: A story of Autism Drying Up The Fresh Water Crisis in Florida Jose Marti Cubas' Greatest Hero Modern-Day Pirates The French Revolution: The Fall of the Monarchy The Relocation of the North American Indian The Spread of Islam The Civil Rights Movement Life During the Black Death Life in Castro's Cuba The Power of Story: Using good storytelling to make a lasting impression The Power of Story II: Using research to add reality to your story The Power of Story III: Making it your own We Can Do It, A Community Takes on the Challenge of School Desegregation CASTLES, CUSTOMS, AND KINGS CASTLES, CUSTOMS, AND KINGS Volume 2 Fifteen Florida Cemeteries Not Feathers Yet The Complete Revision Workbook for Writers Miracles of Recovery Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith Backcountry Lawman Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases Reconnecting the Healing Circle The End of Motherhood Finding A Partner and It May Be You Money Meditations for Women Insiders Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks Top Ten Ways to Market Your Book for Free: And Other Tidbits of Information for Writers Devotions from the Road of Life: Hitting the Road Storytime Crafts, Games and Gifts Using Recycled and Inexpensive Items Hall of Fools Murder in St. Augustine; the Mysterious Death of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley Am I Okay, God? A View From My Seat: My Season With the Jumbo Shrimp Steinway & Sons Iran from Cown to Turbans Writing to Respond: Practice and Assessment Grades 3-5 (Wkbk) Homeschooling in Times of Covid-19 Writing to Respond to Text and Tests Disabled Leadership

Fiction (general)

A Killer's Reflection For Infinity and Beyond In the Shadow of Ravens Goddess--A Child of the Sixties Little Angel Helper Key Notes Lara the Runaway Cat Cypress Point Confidences A Cypress Point Christmas Cypress Point Spirit Manteo Remuda Missing Keyport Cthulhu

Historical Fiction

The Earl in Black Armor The Prince of Glencurragh Sharavogue Ragtime Dudes at the World's Fair Ragtime Dudes in a Thin Place Ragtime Dudes Meet a Paris Flapper Lancelot's Grail Lancelot's Disciple A RATIONAL ATTACHMENT HEYERWOOD A Novel Elena-The Girl with the Piano The Reluctant Daughters Father's Violin No Good Princess Ruth: Love & Tragedy in Hawaii A Secret Kept in Hawaii American River: Tributaries American River: Currents American River: Confluence The Opposite of Hate The Gypsy Family Circus of 1933 The Gypsy Family Circus of 1934 The Gypsy Family Circus of 1935


Strings Attached Chase the Fire Playing With Fire Strike the Fire Catch the Fire Choices Diamond and Ice Falling Into You Sea Change Castaway Dreams The Pirate's Secret Baby What the Parrot Saw The Bride and the Buccaneer Smuggler's Bride Captain Sinister's Lady A la merci du corsaire Cœurs au large Love Comes Later Pearls of the Past Karleigh Kaleigh A Story of Patience

Women’s Fiction

Black Child to Black Woman: An African-American Woman Coming-of-Age Story Blooms, A Magnolia Creek Novel Beginnings, A Magnolia Creek Novel Words To Love By Menu for Murder TNT #1 Blown Choices TNT #2 Bare Soles TNT #3 Cheating Deaths TNT #4 Merciful Blessings Portrait of the Artist as a Wife and Mother Bear Woman Rising Two Worlds Apart


Words Never Spoken The Collection Tortured Souls Adventures In The Courtyard Seventieth Avenue Bards of Broward: The Courtyard Chronicles Mountain Breathing Watching Waves Canyon Falls Asylum How Small, Confronting Moring The Grace to Leave Desire Lines The Rim Benders Thinking Aloud: Dimensions of Free-Verse Through Waka An Ocklawaha River Odyssey; Paddling through Natural History Hip Hop Is Dead - Long Live Hip Hop Noise

Young Adult

Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping (An Anna Romano Mystery Series Book 1) The Running Girls Dateable Right Text Wrong Number Right Kiss Wrong Guy Right Girl Wrong Timing My Mistaken Identity Yearning for the Unattainable Don't Kiss and Tell Jenniferology Angel in Peril Argonaut The Inua Humpback The Seven Rivers Escape from Iran Colby in the Crosshairs I'm Not Dying with You Tonight Grandma's Hands Dog Girl Finding Gobi Young Readers In & Out The Dragon's Mouth Coming Out The Serpent's Mouth Seventh Dimension - The Door:  A Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension - The King: A Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension - The Casle: A Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension - The City: A Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension - The Prescience: A Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension - The Howling: A Young Adult Fantasy Trials by Fire Pathways Avoiding the Abyss Approaching the Abysss Accepting the Abyss The Potential of Forgetting The Spirit of the North


A Bloody Stiletto, Cold Lasagna, and a Bestseller: An Anna Romano Mystery Series Family Ties Missing Organs and Champagne A Concerned Citizen Again, and Again, and Again... Double Mayhem: A Seekers Mystery 1 Good Girl Gone: A Seekers Mystery 2 Blood Revenge: A Seekers Mystery 3 The Black Rose: An O'Brien's Law Mystery 1 One Black Shoe One Black Shoe: Alternate Cover Monkey Heart Monkey Mind The Cat & Mac Mysteries: Volume 1 Obsession A Good Case The Prince of Keegan Bay Swimming Corpse Death in the Daylilies Ambush at the Arboretum 7475 Samona Drive Ghost Still Shot Murder in Black and White Always Chasing 'Em The Dohmestics Romancing the Crime Marshland Second Self Consequences Spring of Fire Bear Trapped: In a Trashy Hollywood Novel Bear Trapped: Blowback Dig Two Graves: Revenge or Honor Death in Her Eyes Follow the Evidence Familial Similarities A Soldier's Coin Standardized People A Happening in Hawthorne

Fantasy/Science Fiction

The Mist Keeper's Apprentice The Ohualuans Ohualu Pursuit Nell's Tavern Saving Sonya Tales of Shane Ireland, Elf Detective Pierre, Tales of an Undead Grenadier Alien Madness The Flamingo Resort: Florida Zombie Apocalypse The Masters Reimagined The Masters Reimagined 2 The Prometheus Saga The Prometheus Saga 2 Return to Earth Time Travel and Dimensional Journeys Warp Drive, Patent Pending The Vessels The Stars of Dreams: Book 1 of the Commonwealth Chronicles The Stars of Home: Book 2 of the Commonwealth Chronicles Iceburg Silent Autumn Annie Karenina Captive Audience FOE #1 Duel Roles FOE #2 Tough Crowd FOE #3 Fairy Tales, the Sequel Beyond the Wall Someday Loyal Frozen In Ice


Partners Truth Kills Truth Tells The Eye of the Storm The Friends and Family Connection: Get Unplugged In the Company of Strangers Murder: Another Name for Revenge The Migrant Report No Place for Women Spies in Our Midst Spies We Know Dirty Deeds United States of Apocalypse The Beast: A Bigfoot Thriller The Hidden Truth Dying Days Adverse Effects Death Daydreams Sleep State Interrupt The Wrath of Leviathan Zero-Day Rising


Revenge & Perseverance Spirits With Love The Diamond Dance Club Hotel Rooms & Suits The Conjuror's Collector In Shadows Written Haunted Romance Haunted Rescue Sunset of Dreams Twenty Twenty Finding Kray Uncanny Stout Tales from Kensington & Other Macabre & Unsettling Offerings Ghost Lite The Knife Light A Candle, Chase The Devil Away Vamped, The Turning Inky. Nice Neighborhood. Bad Cat. Epiphany's Gift Key to Eternity Haunted St. Augustine and St. Johns County Women in White; the Haunting of Northeast Florida

Children’s Chapter Books

Lance & Ringo Tails My Name is Schnuckiputz: Just Call Me Schnucki, The Reader Ana & Shea and the Quest for the Magic Stone Adventures of Iyani: The Voyage West Adventure of Iyani : The Incredible Beginning

Middle Grade Readers

The Mystery of Broken Spur Ranch Han and the Mysterious Pearl Arctic Danger Alligator Warrior: Halpatter Tustenuggee Pedro Menendez: The Adelantado of Florida The Gubbins Club: The Legend of Charlie's Gold Silencing Sharks Secret Adventures of Foxfire: Busting Walls Pankyland Pankyland 2: The Movie Pankyland 3: Be Little World Freaky Frogs

Children’s Picture Books

Pearls of Love Mr. Bluebird Mrs. Betsy Fieldmouse Borrows an Egg BonBon Fantastic Flight Colby Mouse's Christmas Gift Journey To Moose's Fireball Tennis What Does Brown Bear Want? A Stone's Crow Rainbow Ballerina Preposterous Pumpkins Spotted Fish and Striped Fish My Name is Schnuckiputz: Just Call Me Schnucki, The Picture Book Me Llamo Schnuckiputz: Llá mame Schnucki Momma Alligator Goes to School That's Impossible, Cluckiepunkle The Fuzzy Forever Friend The Porcupine & The Pig Ten Little Crawfish Her Royal Majesty, the Superhero Bride of Frankenstein Footprints Lousy Liver Grumbler Joyride Pling's Party: An Exclamation Point's Story Milo and The Mustang Adventures With Liyah presents: Colors At First Sight Scooter and the Muttering Monster Gobi: A Little Dog with a big heart Grandpa's Mustache Pearl's Pool I Pledge Allegiance Sounds and Smells of Christmas Arthur the Arthropod Emotion Mandalas: Finding Feelings Through Art How Gregory Deals with a Case of Grief Compassion: Making the World Better with the Compassion Emotatude Joy Springs Forth: A Guide to Finding Joy Anne and Amy's Anger: How to Find Your Power in the Midst of Anger What to do When you Get the Bejeebers Scared Out of You The Secret of Warm Fuzzies Fear Walking Crandle's Crazy Conniption Fit

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